Missionary Finds Swahili Tract Very Effective in Africa

Missionary Jim Honeycutt reports that the Swahili version of the tract One Way! is very effective in communicating the simplicity of the gospel during crusades in Africa. He writes: The Njia Moja! tract is great... Our evangelism team is leading many to Christ using the tract. It replaces our storying cloths and is much simpler to understand and use. I personally passed out 350 The Njia Moja! tracts in Nairobi over the past two days.

Two adults accepted Christ directly from my going over the tract with them. Six others were to make professions of faith in their churches last night as a result of having the tracts explained to them. That is a powerful page in the tract showing the kids kneeling down at the cross and the blood of Christ cleansing them. Dirty before and clean after. That prompted the two salvation responses. The boy who walks away is also a powerful tool for those not receiving the message. GREAT tract..."

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