Is There a Foreign Mission Field Near You?

One soul winner in Australia uses Chick foreign language tracts in a unique way. Unable to go as a missionary to some foreign field, Russell Saxelby looked around for foreign visitors to his area. What he found was a lot of young people who were visiting on a low budget.

They were backpacking through the country using local transportation, bicycling, or even just hiking. And they were staying at the local network of hostels. These are simple, low cost, lodgings that are part of a world-wide network that caters mostly to young visitors traveling light. They were there to learn all they could about the area they were visiting.

Saxelby's approach was simple and the tracts were rarely refused. As he began to hand tracts to these young people, he realized that if he attempted to greet them in their own language, he would find them more receptive.

Since many of the visitors were Japanese or Korean, he looked up a few greetings in these languages and would use them when offering a Japanese or Korean language tract. He says that he could not always tell at first what nationality a person was so he would try a greeting in the language that he thought matched the person. If he missed, they would smile and correct him and he would switch his greeting.

After the greeting, when the person then realizes that the tract being offered is in his language, he will take and read it with interest.

Since the hostel lodging system is world-wide, it is likely that there are a few in your city. There are over 6,000 hostels listed in a directory at They are divided up by country and then city making them easy to locate. If you live near one or more of these you have a convenient foreign mission field.

Every day there is a new group of people keenly interested in learning about your area. Their curiosity can be a wide open door to witness to them about our Savior. And any tracts that they receive will probably be carried with them, shared with others and likely end up ministering to their families when they return to their homelands.

Of course, hostels are not the only place to meet foreign visitors. If you live near a large university, millions of foreign students attend American colleges every year. A little research would probably turn up a way to get a tract in their hands. Chick Publications can furnish tracts in over 100 foreign languages. Most of them can be read and ordered on our web site. Click here to see a listing of languages.

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