Does Your Church Know Tracts Work?

Issue Date: May/June 2008

"Twenty-nine years ago, in a drug rehabilitation ministry, I was saved reading the prayer from a Chick tract."—K, Email

Did you get saved by reading a Chick Tract? Thousands of people have written to Chick Publications over the years saying that they did. So, now you are in a good Bible-believing church enjoying the blessings of the Lord.  But, are your fellow members aware that you were introduced to salvation by a tract?

Chances are that most of the Christians in your church are being told that they should obey the great commission.  But usually they are not told how to do it. 

Maybe God has planted you in that church for the purpose of telling the others in your church family that you got saved from reading a tract and that they should pass out tracts, too.  This is important because a lot of young pastors are being taught in seminary: "Don`t bother to pass out tracts. They don`t work anymore." 

We know that that is not true. But, nonetheless, that is what they are being taught.  Someone needs to stand up in your church and say, "Of course they work.  That is how I got saved."

Otherwise, many Christians know that they should spend hours sitting with unbelievers and sharing the gospel, but they either don`t have time or don`t know how. If they knew that tracts still work, they would realize that there really is something they can do.

If you are one of those people, you need to be telling people in your church that that is how you got saved.  Maybe that is why God planted you there, to "encourage the brethren" who really want to witness but do not know how easy it can be with a gospel tract.

So, be bold in sharing your testimony with other Christians.  And in the process, you can hand them a tract and challenge them to pass it on to an unbeliever or plant it somewhere in their travels.

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