Chick Mail Bag March/April 2012

Last night I took Light of the World into a jail here for chapel. Five of the seven inmates prayed to receive Christ! I highly recommend this movie to prison ministries and any other kind of ministry!!
T. B., NV.

Thanks Jack for providing a valuable tool to witness .... keep those tracts coming!
C. R. O., Facebook Post

I have been blessed so far by the ministry that God has given you. The tracts make witnessing so simple and I love that, because I was so devastated to reach out to people because I didn`t know where to start. But with the different topics and categories it helps me to think on a level where I can meet the person and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me forward....Amen and thank you for your obedience to serving God. You are bearing fruit for God`s Kingdom, thank you.
J. A., MD

I love Chick tracts!!! Before going shopping I put them outside the store on the benches. It`s always such a thrill to come out of the store and see people sitting on the benches reading them.
S.S., FL