Chick Mail Bag Sep-2008

I just received in the mail your new tract Who Is He? and I have to say that I have a whole basket of every tract you have ever made.

I have passed them out for years and as a teenager I got these tracts and they helped lead me to the Lord. I must say that this one tops the cake. I have handed them out, I have ordered from you but this one just focuses on the all-important message of Jesus Christ and the salvation through Him.

I know God leads you to do these things, but I must tell you that this one is, to me, tops. I love it! I just wanted to let you know.
L - NJ

...for three years after I was saved (October 10, 1999) my kids would literally saturate my Mom`s home with your tracts. She would find them tucked in cabinets, between towels, in magazines, under placemats, in her glove box and anywhere else the girls could find to hide them.

For the first year she would find and gather them but she wouldn`t read them. Finally she, being a Catholic for 50+ years, began to read them. She read them cover to cover but was blind to the fact that even though she believed exactly who Jesus Christ is, she didn`t see the need to receive Him as her personal Saviour.

At last, on January 24, 2003, while reading a few of your tracts earlier in the day along with Dr. Ruckman`s Tell It Like It Is tract, she realized she was lost and Hell bound and she did something about it. Today she passes out those same tracts that made a difference in her life. My family and I pass out your tracts almost exclusively and I have seen the Lord open up conversations about Heaven and Hell which lead directly to their salvation!
J.B. - Canada

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