Chick Mail Bag March 2004

I got saved by reading The Gift borrowed by my brother from a friend. By God's grace I was "grounded in the faith" through your ministry. I am now a member of a local church and serving the Lord.
A.S., Philippines

Miss Jun, who travels one hour one way to church services was saved a couple of years ago by reading a Chick tract someone had thrown down. She later got her two sisters on our Bible Course and now they are both saved. Now Miss Jun is attending here and handing out tracts every day, her two sisters and one of their friends are attending another Baptist Church in another city. And all of this from one tract!! What if I had not handed out tracts that day?
R.P., Taiwan

I am a veteran and I was saved through reading Holy Joe. I didn't realize being a Christian could be so much fun. I am going to have a lot of fun using your tracts.
J.R., Bellingham, WA

Your tracts are excellent. The tract that had a profound and enlightening affect to me in leaving the Catholic Church was "Is There Another Christ." God Bless your ministry! The blind fold was taken off my eyes!
P.Q., Bourbonnais, IL

I love your tracts. I used to be a Satanist and just recently I gave my life to Jesus. The Lord has called me to be an evangelist and preacher. I preach repentance and I warn people about Hell. I also warn people about rock music (all rock music is Satanic including the so-called Christian rock). God bless you and your tracts Mr. Chick. May they be given to billions of people before Jesus comes back!
M.P., Bergenfield, NJ

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