Appearances of Mysterious Lady Increasing Worldwide

In hundreds, even thousands of places around the world there is appearing a mysterious lady clothed in light. She has named herself and described her mission. And millions are hanging on her every word.

Who is this lady? She says her name is Mary and claims to be the virgin who conceived Jesus by the Holy Ghost. Yet how could the humble maiden of the Bible arise to a world class position in the world's system of spirits?

Some of the more famous places where she has appeared include Fatima, Guadalupe, Lourdes, and Medjugorje. Lesser known are appearances at Zeitoun, Egypt, Lubbock, Texas, Denver, Colorado, and hundreds of other sites including the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and even Japan.

Besides "The Blessed Virgin Mary," she assumes other names such as Queen of Heaven, Virgin of Revelation, Mother of all Peoples, The Ark of Peace, Mediatrix of all Graces, Mother of the Eucharist, and Lady (or Mother) of All Nations.

From these names, we get a glimpse of her mission, but she is not reticent to tell us why she is appearing. In Amsterdam she claims: "I am the Lady - Mary - Mother of All Nations.... She is sent to make one great Community of Her nations. To gather all nations into one Community, that is the task set before the world in this present time, which I have heralded repeatedly."

In the same message she says that the world "...must know that the 'Lady of all Nations' has come as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate." Since this message was given, over 6 million signatures have been submitted to the pope, petitioning him to declare this Virgin Mary as Co-Redeemer with Christ.

For Bible believers, these messages set off alarms. Jim Tetlow, in his book, Messages From Heaven, states: "If the source of the apparitions of Mary is not God then it represents one of Satan's most enormous counterfeit deceptions ever."

In 275 pages, Tetlow elaborates on the themes of his previous video by the same name. He describes how these apparitions represent a supernatural invasion with worldwide popularity.

The approach of the book is similar to the video. The first part simply describes the scope and influence of the appearances. Then he begins to filter that information through the Bible, gently bringing the reader to see the conflicts between what the "Lady" is saying and scripture.

Tetlow shows clearly that this "Lady" cannot be the Mary of the Bible. Instead, he demonstrates how this is a deceiving spirit that consistently focuses attention on the central idolatry of Roman Catholicism, the eucharist.

If you share this book with a Roman Catholic friend or relative, at first they will think that the author is favorable to the Vatican's position on these appearances. But as Tetlow begins to pile on the evidence they come to see the subtle, yet monstrous, deception that Satan is orchestrating upon a gullible world, aching for peace but blind to the facts.

Note: The book by Tetlow is not published by Chick Publications but the message is such a powerful witnessing tool to reach your Roman Catholic relatives and friends that Chick Publications decided to make it available even though Tetlow has used quotations from the New King James Version.

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