A Christian's Immediate Evangelistic Device (IED)... A Chick Tract

By Allen Dunn

In the last few years I have taken pleasure in giving out gospel tracts. For many Christians it is embarrassing to hand out gospel tracts. Suppose we take a lesson from warfare and apply it to our spiritual war.

In the war in Afghanistan, Taliban fighters have used Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) to wreak havoc on our troops. The IED is located any place that can do the most effective destruction and damage. They always come as a surprise.

My gospel tracts, I call IEDs, Immediate Evangelistic Devices. Here are some of the ways that I have placed my Immediate Evangelistic Devices in areas where I can surprise Satan and the world with the gospel.

At lunch, the waitress gets a good tip inside of my gospel tract. When I pay my bill, I casually lay one down for the clerk. Before I leave, the restroom is my next stop. A tract on the tissue dispenser will surely be read by men who happen to have the time.

One day I went to my car, helped my wife into the car and started my engine. I looked up and the waitress came running towards my car. I said to myself, I paid my bill and I left her a good tip. What did I do wrong? Rolling my window down, she shouted that she was a born-again Christian, saved thru a gospel tract like this one. One day, I will meet her in heaven again.

My employment at the time was to drive patients from nursing homes to doctor`s offices. In one instance, I laid my tract on a lamp stand. Crossing the room to sit, I waited for the patient. Five different people picked up the tract, read it and laid it down again. A magazine caught my attention and I began to read an article. When I finished, inside went an Immediate Evangelistic Device. In order to pick up the patient, I entered the doctor`s office. Guess what? A tract found its way next to his computer. The clipboard that the clerk handed to me to sign in, went back with a tract attached to it. The patient was returned to her room and a tract appeared on her tray.

The children`s play area is a good place for children to read them. In the hallway was a suggestion box. I made a "suggestion" by depositing an Immediate Evangelistic Device. Many hospitals have a chapel for those wishing to pray. Inside the prayer request book was placed an Immediate Evangelistic Device.

Other religions go door to door, as "missionaries." Have you ever thought of going to all the front doors of your neighbors and quietly taping a gospel tract to the door and just walking away? Nothing pushy. Or try this some time: after pumping your gas at the station, tape a tract over the dollar signs on the pump. Roll up a tract and tuck it under the trigger on the pump nozzle.

Remember that homeless person on the side of the street that wants money. Place a dollar in a gospel tract. Yes, they may use it for imbibing but God says His word will not return unto Him void.

God makes appointments for us every day. The people we meet, do business with, maybe talk to on the phone, are who God wants us to share the Gospel with. Do the unexpected! Surprise as many as you can with a gospel IED, Immediate Evangelistic Device. Your reward will be in Heaven.

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