4th Grader Teaches Principal A Lesson in Free Speech

School kids often face hostility from school officials when they pass out tracts. This fourth grader refused to back down and won a major victory.

One provoked mother emailed Chick Publications that her 4th grade son, Jordan, had been reprimanded before the whole class by the principal for leaving Chick tracts in the bathroom, library and at the drinking fountains. The principal cited separation of church and state and said the student could ask people if they wanted a tract but he could not leave them lying around.

She asked if we knew what rights her son had and we responded with several items she could go to on the chick.com web site. She wrote back that, "Jordan is now allowed to pass out or leave tracts anywhere he wishes on the school campus.

He found a government web site that explained students religious rights to hand out literature, printed it out and gave it to the principal who recanted. Praise the Lord!

He sent out a bulletin telling the teachers that it was ok and that they should not collect these anymore if they see them laying around, and they should not take them away from students."

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