New Relic Rules For An Old Idolatry

The Vatican recently updated its rules regulating the use of relics for potential saints. This 'saint' worship can be traced to the heathen practice of multiple gods for various purposes.

How Evolutionists Plan To Save The World

When they removed God from the equation they removed all hope for mankind. Now, evolutionists are desperate to save the world.

Medical Personnel Now Free to Refuse to Assist Abortions

The new Health and Human Services leadership has reversed a previous policy that cost some medical workers their jobs.

Testimony From Missionary Anthony Reitberg

Missionary Anthony Rietberg tells how using Chick tracts and our Gospel film, 'The Light of the World' helped bring Thai students to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Petrified Forest in Antarctica More Evidence of the Flood

Explorers in Antarctica have discovered the 'oldest polar forest on record in the southern polar region.' It is a fossilized mix of evergreens, deciduous, and Gingkoes, that appeared to have died suddenly.

University Looking For Ways to Teach "Happiness"

Using evolutionary theories to eliminate the need for a Creator, universities have lost contact with the one source of true happiness —Biblical Christianity— and their students are wanting answers!

Missions Fund Report - March 2018

Missionaries around the world tell how Chick tracts are affecting their ministries.